Saturday Sailing

IMG_0325We have a large variety of craft, from small Optibat’s to Wayfarer yachts and everything in between.

Join us on a Saturday morning at  9 am until 12 pm. We begin with a short introduction in the training room where we appraise the conditions of the day and plan our activities. Before you set foot near a boat, you will be provided with all the kit you need to enjoy a morning out on the water. We have girls and boys changing facilities, with showers and lockers and plenty of space to climb into a wetsuit, buoyancy-aid and helmet. On colder days, we even provide an extra waterproof layer coat and trousers.

Once on the water, you will be given direction and instruction from senior instructors who follow alongside in a powerboat.

DSC_0448_DSC_0448The main focus is to simply learn to enjoy sailing in the beautiful setting of the Gorton Lower Reservoir next to Debdale Park, and under the supervision of an excellent team of instructors with a wealth of experience.

On days when the conditions are a little too windy (or the lake is iced over!), we move to our indoor climbing wall. However, this is quite rare as we manage to get on the water on the vast majority of Saturdays.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff, our number is 0161 223 5182 and of course you can contact us by email from the contact page.

DSC_0464_DSC_0464If you do fancy trying it, we’ve put together some advice of what to bring here.

Better still, pop along on a Saturday morning and have a look before you try.

We look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, take a look at a gallery of photos taken in early Spring 2015.