Open Day Review – 2nd July

Well, what a day! As a club, we have really enjoyed meeting each and every one of you today. From some nervous, tentative steps at the start, we saw our visitors develop in confidence over their sessions to the point where they didn't want to come off the water. Special mention to Lucas with his windsurfing. We were very impressed with how you stuck at it Lucas and even surfed the entire half-mile of the lake!

The Open Day was ran by the members and volunteers of DOAC (Debdale Outdoor Activity Club) and we would love to see more of you. Open Days are designed to show you what you may be missing and to let you try sports that you may have never had the opportunity to do before! We know how wonderful it is to get on the water each Saturday morning and hope this two-hour session has given you the same appetite to come back. All our members are kind, fun and sharing people who will happily show you the next stage in your development on the water and to work towards a national sailing standard defined by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

We are not a private members club, we're here for the people of Manchester and if you would like to join us, just come along on a Saturday morning. If you're a parent, you can either get involved with the club or just drop off your kids, enjoy a few hours to yourself, then pick them up at 12. In addition, this year, 10 of our members went on the Tall Ships Adventure which is a 4-day residential trip on a 72ft sea-going yacht sailing from Portsmouth.

We would love to hear your comments / review of your experience today. Please use the comments form at the bottom of this page or complete the survey below (OR BOTH!) 🙂